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scimonth - 最新研究 | 2017-03-23 | 人氣:386


      骨質疏鬆症,在全世界有超過2億人受影響,是嚴重的公共衛生問題。而最新研究發現男性若長期的重量訓練運動(weight-bearing exercises),能減少骨頭中的硬脂蛋白(sclerostin),一種在骨骼中製造的蛋白質,並且增加了IGF-1,一種與骨骼生長有關的激素,而這些變化會促進骨骼的形成且增加骨密度。

"People may be physically active, and many times people know they need to exercise to prevent obesity, heart disease or diabetes," Hinton said. "However, you also really need to do specific exercises to protect your bone health."

In the study, men 25- to 60-years-old who had low-bone mass were split into two groups. One group performed resistance training exercises such as lunges and squats using free weights. The other group performed various types of jumps, such as single-leg and double-leg jumps. After 12 months of performing the exercises, Hinton then compared the levels of bone proteins and hormones in the blood.

"We saw a decrease in the level of sclerostin in both of these exercise interventions in men," Hinton said. "When sclerostin is expressed at high levels, it has a negative impact on bone formation. In both resistance and jump training, the level of sclerostin in the bone goes down, which triggers bone formation."

The other significant change Hinton observed was an increase in the hormone IGF-1. Unlike sclerostin, IGF-1 triggers bone growth. The decrease of harmful sclerostin levels and the increase in beneficial IGF-1 levels confirmed Hinton's prior research that found both resistance training and jump training have beneficial effects on bone growth.

To increase bone mass and prevent osteoporosis, Hinton recommends exercising specifically to target bone health. While exercises such as swimming and cycling are beneficial to overall health, these activities do not strengthen the skeleton. Hinton suggests also doing exercise targeted for bone health, such as resistance training and jump training.

The study, "Serum sclerostin decreases following 12 months of resistance- or jump-training in men with low bone mass," was published in Bone.




原文連結:University of Missouri-Columbia. " Weight-bearing exercises promote bone formation in men. " ScienceDaily, 22 March, 2017.

參考文獻:Pamela S. Hinton, Peggy Nigh and John Thyfault. Serum sclerostin decreases following 12months of resistance- or jump-training in men with low bone mass. Bone, 2017. DOI: 10.1016/j.bone.2016.10.011


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